About us
Amadeus Media Pvt Ltd is mainly a media education center, but we also extend our services to technical expertise involving acoustic solutions, AV-integration and record label. The company is incorporated under the Companies Act 1956. Amadeus is a Latin word which means “God’s Love”. It is the first name of the famous western classical composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The name thus serves as a remembrance of the unparallel musical genius.


Inspired by the musical genius Amadeus Mozart we aim at emerging as the best channel to let your creativity flow into unexplored areas.


To offer quality and dynamic education and service to march towards excellence together.


The team at Amadeus is our biggest intellectual asset. We have the best people with wide experience in teaching and various other fields in the industry serving as faculty and as the technical brains behind other services we offer. We also have a group of famous personalities from various fields like Music industry, film industry, broadcasting industry and mobile industry as our guest lecturers.

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amadeus media BHAKTAMAR - JAIN DEVOTIONAL - our first audio album to be relesed soon