Radio Programming
Amadeus media presents… Certificate course on ‘Radio programming’

Course Objective
‘Radio programming’ is a two-month certificate course designed to develop students into competent radio professionals who, by the time of course-completion, are ready to take on different roles in a radio station with confidence. Although the course isn’t designed as an instant solution for job seekers, the aim is to familiarize students with contemporary radio programming and functioning, thereby providing them with a comprehensive overview of the medium.

Course design
This curriculum is designed to nurture a multi-dimensional radio professional, who is capable of juggling different roles -- Radio Jockey, copy writer/promo producer, music manager, producer, sound engineer, and voice-over artist.

The course is geared towards radio programming and uses a participatory approach. It includes lectures, discussions, guest lectures by renowned industry experts, interactive sessions, practical sessions, small and large group exercises, role plays and studio visits.

‘Radio programming’ is a two-month course that spreads over 8 weekends with two- hour sessions every Saturday & Sunday.

Guest lecturers

  • Ms. Devasena - Most experienced & leading voice-over artists (Voice modulation & voice-over artist)
  • Ms. Sangita Nair – Station head, Radio Mirchi-Chennai, Mr. Arvind - Programming Head - Radio Mirchi - Coimbatore(Radio Marketing, radio careers & Future of radio as a medium)
  • Mr. Swarup Krishna – Marketing head 92.7 Big FM, Chennai (Radio Marketing)
  • Mr. Karthik Srinivas ,Ms. Anjana Iyer,Mr. Preeth - Music managers of leading FM stations (music management)
  • Mr. Dharmendra, Mr. Ilavenil - Most experienced & prominent sound engineers of leading FM stations (sound design/sound engineering)
  • Ms. Latha, Mr. Rajeev -Most experienced copy writer in the industry from Radio Mirchi- Chennai (Copy writing/promo producing)
  • Mr. Ibrahim Sha - Morning show Producer, Radio Mirchi, Chennai (Producing a radio show )

Salient features of the course

  • Certificate in ‘Radio programming’ on successful completion of the course
  • 360 degree coverage of radio programming
  • Uniform focus on all aspects of radio programming
  • Guest lectures by experienced radio professionals
  • Radio studio visit to gain practical knowledge on the functioning of a radio station
  • Internship training programmes for deserving students
  • Practical & participatory training module
  • Convenient weekend schedule

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